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October 13 2011

Make a Beaded Tree Night Light

Dollar Store Crafts

While the inventory at Dollar Tree is constantly changing, there are some things that you can almost always find there.  One item that is a constant on their shelves is night lights, but plain, boring night lights.  Luckily, they are easy to dress up!   At Squirrel, the blog of Etsy shop Exhalia Studios, crafter Bobbie Julie shares how she used wire and beads to make a twisty tree to decorate o...

Chinese drawers

IKEA Hackers

Materials: Forhoja

Description: I don't know how long I kept this piece instead of throwing it away. As I redesigned my hallway to a kind of 'New Asian Style', I had the idea to integrate this little wall-mounted chest.

I painted it to the same colour shade, that I chose for the wall. Wall paint for the wall, acrylic paint for the chest, off course.

Than I turned the drawers 180 degrees...


Heute will ich euch ein besonderes Nähprojekt aus den Semesterferien vorstellen. Ich habe das Problem, immer sehr viel in die Uni mitnehmen zu müssen, zum konstruieren und nähen. Leider habe ich früher immer die Hälfte davon vergessen, also beschloss ich: Ich brauche eine Werkzeugkiste!!!! Aber nicht irgendeine, sondern eine die meinem Beruf gerecht wird.
Man braucht: Nesselstoff, einen...

October 12 2011

Wednesday Sewing - Sewing Sheer Fabrics

Art Threads

Sheer fabrics have a bad reputation!  They're gorgeous, but take a little more time when sewing with them.  There are a few things you can do that make it much easier - they're still not as easy as a piece of good old cotton, but it'll be better!

I'm making little c a ghostie scarf for Halloween pretend play, so I'll use this piece of foil printed tulle as an example.

*sheer fabric

October 09 2011



I wanted to share the few pictures I took at the living fair last week. After the workshop I didn't take much time to look around & I really should have as the 'Meesterlijk'-hall seemed a great place to get creative impulses and inspiration. Bummer! Will have to go back next year I suppose. But the few stands I did visit are really worth mentioning so check out their sites if you are attracted ...



Während Heike und Verena heute ohne mich über den Ludwigsburger Stoffmarkt gehen, sitze ich mit Salbeitee auf dem Sofa. Husten, Schnupfen, Halsweh- zum vollen Erkältungsprogramm kommen jetzt auch noch Zahnschmerzen dazu.

Aber ich will euch hier nicht volljammern. Ich zeige euch deshalb endlich mal den Ausblick, den ich seit ein paar Wochen von meiner Sofaecke aus habe.

Der Sohn hat vier V...

October 06 2011

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October 05 2011

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October 04 2011


Totally Tutorials

Genius I tell ya!

Clear Labels with Laser Printer and Tape Tutorial at Sew-Much-Better
"Use creatively. Suggestions .... Scrapbook, organization, spice bottles, tins..." Read more
pics.nase-bohren.de 0.05d - Wir bohren einfach weiter

September 30 2011

luzia pimpinella: eigentlich...


Shared by Nimue
Nette Herbstbastelidee
aus bucheckern-schalen, glasperlen und ein bisschen draht...

got some beechnut husks, lampwork beads and a bit of wire... 

... wurden zauberhafte herbstblümchen...

... and created pretty autumn flowers...

September 26 2011


luzia pimpinella


... war ja am wochenende so gar kein renovierwetter... draußen strahlte die spätsommersonne und wir haben drinnen gepinselt und geschraubt. echt doofes timing. 

... weekend's weather wasn't to stay inside and renovate at all... it was the most golden autumnly sunshine outside while we were painting and screwing. such a bad timing, dang!

ein kleines päuschen auf der...

September 18 2011


September 10 2011


September 07 2011

Aromatic Car Protection Charm

Llewellyn's Spell-A-Day:

Tuesday | Color of the day: Gray | Incense of the day: Ginger | Add some extra protection to your ride when driving, especially in treacherous weather, with this car protection charm bag. Take 1 tablespoon fennel, 1 tablespoon anise, and 1 teaspoon wormwood. Lightly grind in a mortar and pestle to better mix the herbs and their scents. Hold the mortar in your hands and visualize a soft...

September 02 2011

DIY Beauty: How To Make Your Own Tinted Brow Gel

beautifulwithbrains.com » DIY beauty

Tinted brow gels help your brow hair stay in place and enhance your natural color. Most tinted brow gels, though, are quite expensive or too pigmented and make your brows look so unnatural. If you’re on a budget, or don’t use tinted brow gels so often to justify buying one, why not try to make your own? It’s really easy. All you need is a clear mascara and some eyeshadow.

What you need
Get a...

September 01 2011

Lip Balm Recipes

The Natural Beauty Workshop

Balms, Butters, Glosses, Tints, Sticks, Creams... There are many ways to juice up a pair of lips, and everyone has their favorite.  Whether you favor the flavored, or you like to keep things pure and simple, everyone loves to pamper their lips.  We've featured our fair share of recipes for the purpose, here on The Natural Beauty Workshop.


The Mint Twist Exfoliating Lip Scrub uses creamy Shealoe...

August 31 2011


August 29 2011


Totally Tutorials

Genius I tell ya!

Clear Labels with Laser Printer and Tape Tutorial at Sew-Much-Better
"Use creatively. Suggestions .... Scrapbook, organization, spice bottles, tins..." Read more

August 27 2011

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